This guide describes the procedures for using the Mobiscoot service through the Android app. You can find the specific guide for the Apple app here. You can also consult the manufacturer's scooter manual for more information.

If you have any questions, consult our FAQ !

How does it work?

Once registered for the service and your account is activated, you can start renting any available Mobiscoot scooter you are licensed to drive. If you haven't already, install the application on your phone, or go to our web app.
The Mobiscoot application and the web app offer the same services:

  • Find an available scooter and reserve it.
  • Start renting a scooter, park and finish a rental in progress.
  • Manage your user account

Find a vehicle

Available scooters (i. e. not used by other users) are indicated on the map by an icon:

L'icône d'un scooter 125 indiqué sur la carte
  • an orange icon indicates the position of a scooter 125
  • a dark blue icon indicates the position of a scooter reserved for you.

Tip: a reserved scooter disappears from the map for other users for a limited period of time.


Start a rental

To be able to rent a vehicle, you must first login with your username and password.
By clicking on the icon of a scooter, you can reserve or rent it directly. Other information is displayed, such as the name of the scooter, the remaining fuel level and the street name in which it is located.



Once you've chosen a scooter,

By clicking on "Start renting" you are prompted to enter your PIN code. The rental starts as soon as you click on "Start".


The current rental screen is displayed with the estimated duration and price of the ride:


Mobiscoot scooters have a button that lights up green when you start renting. This button can be located on the dashboard or just below it, depending on the scooter. By pressing it, you unlock the seat in which you will find the keys and one of the two helmets supplied with each Mobiscoot vehicle. The second, larger helmet is located in the topcase.


Placement of the button under the Dashboard

Placement of the button on the Dashboard

Weather protection apron:

Tighten the apron on the saddle by passing the strap under the top case and fix it by means of the Velcro end of the strap on the apron. This will ensure a dry and clean saddle for the next rider.


Starting the scooter

  • Insert the key (the handlebar is locked on the left)
  • Unlocking the handlebars: lightly manipulate the handlebars while pressing in the key and turning it clockwise from the "lock" position to the "neutral" position (see key "push" on the lock). Reversed handlebar locking mechanism.
  • Start the scooter: turn the key to the "on" position without pushing it in, then press the electric starter (under the throttle) while holding the front or rear brake lever.
  • Open the saddle: turn the key counterclockwise from the "neutral" position (see "open" in the legend on the lock).


Drive as much as you want! You can leave the rental area and even park outside it. If you do not need the scooter for a while but want to make sure it is available for later, you can click on "Parking" in the application.


The scooter remains invisible to other users while a reduced rental rate is applied. You can drive again by clicking on "Finish parking".
If you do not want to reuse this scooter, you can directly terminate the rental by clicking on "Finish the ride".

Finishing a rental

Click on "Finish the ride" to finish the rental. To do this, make sure that you are in an authorized place (not in a private car park or underground parking lot for example). Then confirm that the keys and helmets are properly stored and report any minor damage. In case of major damage, please call us directly at +41 762505253.