What license do I need to drive a Mobiscoot scooter?

The A1 license or A license is required to drive Mobiscoot scooters. The following licenses are not authorized to drive 125ccm3 scooters : A1 45km/h , European licenses AM, and license B (cars).

How much does it cost ?

You can see our pricing  here.

What scooter models are available?

The Mobiscoot fleet currently consists of SYM Orbit 125 scooters. They are indicated on the map by an orange icon.

How do ceilings work?

Once you reach a maximum of one of the day or night rates, you can continue to use the service at no additional charge for the entire remaining rate period. If the rental continues for a new period of time, you will be invoiced again with the new rates until you reach the ceiling of this new rate plan.

How does parking work?

Once you have started a rental, you can park for an indefinite period of time, allowing you to keep the scooter. The rental continues with a reduced rate per minute. You must click on the "PARKING" button in the application to notify our system and take advantage of the reduced price.
When you are ready to take over the scooter, simply click "PARKING END" in the application.
Note: The amount you observe during parking may be less than the amount displayed during the ride. When you finish parking, you should return to the amount as it was before, and you will then be charged for the entire ride, including parking.

What about insurance?

In the event of an accident involving the rented scooter causing bodily injury or material damage to others, the scooter is insured for civil liability according to the legal provisions in force. In case of accidents, the tenant is obliged to complete the "European accident report" form completely. In the event of serious misconduct such as driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or excessive speed, the liability insurer's liability against the driver will be fully assumed by the driver. 
For personal injury suffered by the driver and/or passenger, for example, in the event of a fall, they are obliged to take out their own accident cover according to the LaMal (Swiss law on health insurance) or the compulsory LAA (Swiss-Federal Accident Insurance Act). Foreign residents must have personal accident insurance before renting the scooter. It is the responsibility of the driver and passenger to ensure the validity of their coverages. In the event of serious misconduct such as an accident with alcohol or speeding, it is up to the tenant to take any recourse from his accident insurer.  
For any further information please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Use (fr).

Where can I find a scooter for rent and where can I end my rental?

Mobiscoot scooters are scattered throughout the city, with no stop points. Available scooters are visible on the map in the application and you are free to choose which one you want.
Mobiscoot delimits an area comprising the main districts of a city in which the rental of a scooter can end. You can always get out of the area as much as you want and even park there, but the rental can only be stopped in the predefined area. In this way you enjoy a wider freedom than if you were subject to the constraints of the stations, and the scooters are reasonably gathered in an area where they can be useful to the larger world. We are also working so that you can start a rental in one area and finish it in another!

Can I drive and park outside the area?

Yes!  However, you will have to complete your rental in the delimited area. 

Can I go to neighbouring France?

Yes, but only if you stay close to the Swiss border (about 3km).

Can I drive on the highway?

Our scooters are primarily intended for use in the city, which is why they are not equipped with motorway vignettes. Technically, our SYM Orbit 125 scooters are quite capable of driving on the highway.

My scooter is dirty / in bad condition!

We make every effort to ensure that the scooters are in the best possible condition. Weather conditions, pollen and possible street damage do not make our lives any easier, and it may happen that the condition of the scooter you planned to take does not meet our cleanliness standards, or that it has suffered damage, for which we apologize. You can contact our hotline at +41 76 250 52 53 to notify us of a defect or dirt problem and we will take immediate action to remedy the problem. In the meantime you can of course drive another scooter.

Where can I find the application?

You can download it here if you have an Android phone, and here if you have an iPhone. We also have a web app that offers the same functionalities as the app, with the advantage of being accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Whether you are using the application or the web app, we invite you to activate your GPS for optimal operation.

How can I inform you of damage to the scooter?

Directly in the application! You can't just walk past it:
Our system will ask you at the end of each rental to fill in any damage that is not already listed, or to confirm that the scooter has no further damage.
In case of severe damage, we ask you to call our Hotline on +41 76 250 52 53.

Where's the helmet?

You will find two helmets of different sizes, one under the saddle and the other in the top-case at the rear of the scooter. We also supply charlottes for hygiene reasons.

How do I start the scooter?

Follow our guide here!

Do I have to fill up on gas?

No! We take care of regular refuelling and monitor the fuel consumption of each scooter to ensure that your scooter can run for several kilometers. You will also see an estimate of the fuel gauge before choosing your scooter.

How can I open the seat with the key ?

If you can't open the seat using the green button, you can open it by turning the key counterclockwise, without pushing it.

How can I get free minutes?

Keep an eye on our social networks! You will get a code that will credit you with an amount equivalent to the duration in minutes indicated in our various offers and promotions.

Can I take someone with me?
Yes, our scooters are two-seater scooters.

How can I change my password ?

After you received your new password by e-mail, click on the tab "Login" and log in using your username and your new password.

Once logged in, go into "Customer area" and modify your password.

Procedure is identical if you modified your name and/or user infos.

I have registered and CHF 10.00 has been debited from my card, how come?

Concerning your credit card, the sum of CHF 10.00 has been provisionally charged as a guarantee by the credit card company to ensure its validity.

This amount is automatically returned to your card free of charge within the next few days following registration.

This is reflected in the general terms and conditions of our card management partner "Stripe" which you can consult at the time of registration.